21 November 2014

You Are Never Just a Mom

Being a stay at home mom isn't easy. Hey, I'm being honest. It is a complete blessing, for sure, but easy? Never. We always dreamed that I'd be able to stay home with our kiddos, assuming we would actually have some. You all know that story right? I'm beyond thankful that we have been able to do so and I know that's not always the case. 

Today I want to talk about something. Something I find really important. It was just recently that I found words for it. It's come up multiple times for me and I thought I should share. We've all been there. We are talking to someone and the conversation turns to work. 

"What do you do?" they ask. "Me? Oh, I'm just a mom." you reply. 

I've said it. I've heard others say it. Heck, it is said enough that it was the focus of one of the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) MomCon classes. If that doesn't say we are all struggling with our value, I don't know what does. And that is the core I think. Our value. You can argue with me but I still say in 99.9% of cases I'm right. 

Do you know what "just a mom" does? Everything. She is a taxi, a cook, a housekeeper, a shopping assistant, a secretary, a therapist, a teacher, a Girl Friday if you will. She is a party planner, a nurse, and a photographer. You know what I think? Out there in the "real world" you could never get paid enough to do what you do. And, speaking of the "real world"...how much more real can it get as when your child throws up in your hands? Sorry, off topic there for a minute. 

I don't want to hear you (or me) making excuses for your JOB ever again. Don't forget what a blessing you are to your family. Don't forget you are a gift just as much as your kids are a gift to you. What you do matters. As Lisa-Jo Baker said at MomCon "We are mighty because we mother." and it is SO true!

You are not JUST a mom. You are so much more valuable than you realize. 

The Art of Unpacking

After the multitude of moving we have done one would assume I've got this down. You know, the packing and unpacking. The "where the heck do I put this crap" moments. And, to think, I actually got rid of a whole bunch of stuff before this move. This is insane. I need a junk ROOM instead of a junk drawer! 

We have been in the house for almost a month now and the office is still not unpacked. We've entered avoidance mode I believe. I had unpacked the DVD's and games while the cups were still in a box somewhere. I think it took five days for the plates to make their home in the cabinets. I know, it's kind of ridiculous when I think about it. I'm really good at distracting myself from it all. Also, Netflix is a HUGE help when it comes to sucking time out of my day. Am I alone here?
This new house is a huge blessing and we are really feeling at home here already. I'll post pictures of some of it soon, I promise!

19 November 2014

Nearly Toothless

Today I went to pick Abby up from school and she came out of the classroom with a huge grin. Larger than normal. I couldn't place what was different about her and then I saw it. Another gap in her smile! 

This is tooth number eight if you are keeping track! I cannot believe she has lost so many teeth. She is ONLY six! I teased her that she was going to be toothless if she keeps going at this rate. One this is for certain, she is not like me in the tooth pulling area. I would not, under any circumstance, pull my tooth out. This girl will not leave her tooth alone once it gets a bit wiggly. She pulls, pushes, and twists it until it gives out.

Love this kid and her cute jack o' lantern smile!

17 November 2014

We Have a Winner!

You know what is one of my favorite things to do as a Blogger? Do reviews? Well, yes that is one. But, I was thinking more along the lines of this...announcing winners of giveaways! I know how great it feels to win something, after all I am considered quite lucky. And, what do you know - I just had a giveaway end tonight! So, without further ado, here is the winner. 

Sara Haff

If you are Sara you should have an email on it's way to you right this moment. PLEASE reply with your mailing information within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. Nobody wants that...well, um, except for everyone else who entered to win! 

A Scene Straight From A Christmas Story

Sometimes, you realize you have forgotten to teach certain lessons to your kiddos. Certain important lessons. The other day our household experienced something brand new. Something straight from the big screen. Namely from A Christmas Story. It involves a metal railing and a tongue. Do you have a picture in your head yet? I'll wait.

You all set? Alrighty then. We were getting ready for school last Thursday. We were running slightly late. It was time to bundle up because we have been having an arctic front making the temps SUPER cold. Abby was ready before me so she ventured outside. I was nearly done putting on my hat and gloves. As I watched her slowly go down the front steps while holding onto the railing I had a thought. I remember specifically thinking about A Christmas Story. I can't make this up people. I thought about it and just as quickly thought "Nah, she wouldn't do that." You can't be right all the time but I didn't know that yet.

She kept going down the steps and into our front yard. Meanwhile, I came out of the house and called her over to the car. She came back and I saw it. Blood. Blood on her chin. Where on earth did the blood come from?! I tried not to worry when I said "What happened?" Her response was to stick out her tongue. Her tongue which was bloody and hurt. Ack! "The railing?!" I squeaked out to which she nodded yes. TWICE. She did it two times in a row. I can't even. Ouch. 

Her tongue stopped bleeding after a few minutes. Running slightly late had now turned into really late for school. We hopped in the car. On the way to school she started crying. The pain was kicking in and she kept sobbing "I didn't KNOW! I didn't KNOW!" Poor girl. She calmed down and we hustled into school. I walked her into her classroom and her teacher exclaimed "There's my Abby!" I quietly told her what happened and she chuckled while telling Abby that her sister had done that when they were little. 

Apparently, she was fine enough to eat lunch and I never got a phone call from the school. At the end of the day I picked her up. She looked at me and said "Mommy, I learned a lesson from the railing." "Oh yeah? What?" "Never do that again! Ever!" "Good plan baby."

And, on a side note to all you parents out there, if you live where it gets cold please make sure you remember to talk to your kids about the dangers of sticking your tongue to anything metal when it's cold out. My friend showed her kids what would happen by using a wet paper towel and sticking it to the ice cold metal. I think that's a great idea.

Just don't use your tongue. 

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