19 July 2014

What the Heck Does It Mean to Date Your Hubby?

Although I'm fairly certain the phrase is catching on, I thought I should share what I mean by "dating my husband". The hubs and I were married for 11 years before Abigail came along. We had lots of alone time. Lots of sleep in time. Vacation time. Time in general. Then, came this precious girl who we adore beyond belief. She is a sweet, funny little time sucking machine. I wouldn't change it for the world. But, we all know that kids change things. 
I think it's important to set aside time to spend just with your hubby. It's more than letting him know you still love him. It's about reminding yourself why you still love him. When you spend time together doing anything you see each other clearly again. 
Some people have date nights once a week, once a month...whatever works for you! My hubby has a new job keeping him busy, as well as ministry that we are both involved in so date night is not as frequent as I'd like. Here are some things that we try to do:
1. Schedule it. Just like you would a doctor's appointment. Keep that appointment or there will be penalties in time. 
2. Put your phone down. This is hard for us to do, I'm not gonna lie. We have those darn cell phones glued to our fingers and eyes. But, I want him to know he is more important to me than this text or that game or Facebook even! Because he is.
3. Alternate on who plans the date. That way you are both getting to do things you love to do. Unless, of course, you love to do the same things all the time...not likely in my opinion but I could be wrong!
4. Try to talk about something other than bills, kids, or work. There have been nights where we didn't stick to this and the evening was just another stress. That's the last thing you need!
5. If you can, try to have a night away from the kids every once in a while. A whole night. One night where you don't have to worry about someone walking in your bedroom. One night where you can stay up late with your honey without fear of having to wake up early. 
These are just things that we try to do. Would you add or take away any of these? 

18 July 2014

New Habits

I think I underestimate my daughter. They say that kids are always listening and that must be true. Today we were using our Wii Fit and Wii Sports for fun and exercise when she dropped a word bomb on me. "I need to keep exercising because I'm fat." Ouch. She is five. 

I don't remember using that word ever but clearly she has connected the dots somehow. I can't tell you how much that hurt my heart. Yes, she is 63 lbs but she is also 47.75" tall at just under 6 years old. She's a solid, tall girl. I told her she is not fat and asked her why she said that. To which she simply jiggled her belly in her hands. 

Another ouch. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to reply. So I simply said that we are eating better and exercising to be healthier. It's the truth. I can't tell her I haven't worried about her weight. That would be a lie. But, now that we are eating differently and exercising more, I am less worried. 

I haven't talked about my weight loss journey much so far. Partly because I wanted it to be real. I wanted to know I was sticking with it before sharing it with the world. I feel I can safely say that now. I am at a loss of 28 lbs from my highest weight. More than that, my attitude has changed about myself, my relationship with food. My energy is up. We are walking 2 miles at least 3-4 times per week.

One reason, of many, that I am excited for these changes? Seeing these new habits taking root in my daughter.

17 July 2014

Why I May Not Come to Your Direct Selling Party

It seems like every day I get an invite to one of those parties. I make it sound like a dirty word, don't I? To be fair, it's not always the same kind of party. Oh no, we've got an abundance of choices; Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Tupperware, Perfectly Posh, Origami Owl, Tastefully Simple, ItWorks Wraps, Noonday... 

It's not that I hate these companies or their products. In fact, I love some of them quite a lot. I have a necklace from Origami Owl, lots of Pampered Chef products in my kitchen, and Noonday jewelry in my jewelry box. My problem is the sheer volume of them. I have about 400 friends on Facebook (which is another matter entirely) so if even half of them have a party & invite me, I'm screwed.

#1 I don't have the money for this stuff. Ever. Especially now that we are eating healthy. Those fruits and veggies can be costly! If I bought something from every party - well, let's face it, I couldn't! I can't be the only one who has this issue. In fact, I know I'm not! 

#2 It feeds my materialistic side. Most of us struggle with this but I really do. I begin to want, well, everything! I don't have the house or budget (see #1) for that. And, on that note, do we really NEED this much stuff? Am I the only one who buys things I need only to be getting rid of it at a yard sale a year or two later?

#3 It seems to be the only time I see these people. This makes me sad. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that I want to see but life gets in the way. Honestly, how can we have time to plan a party for one of these companies and not have time to grab coffee and chat? One word. Priorities. I'm one of the worst offenders of this. 

Now look, I don't want to be uninvited to every party or be blacklisted for being a party pooper. I'm also not saying that people who choose to do these parties are bad in any way. All I am saying is...let's have a little balance. I don't know, have a party for the sake of friendship (and wine) instead of exchanging dollars for products every once in a while.

16 July 2014

Summer Pairings: Necklaces and Necklines with Stella & Dot

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A Summer Pairing: Necklaces and Necklines with Stella & Dot

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