Goodbye Arizona...

Once again I am writing this somewhere in the past...

It is not lightly that I bid this state farewell.
Arizona has been my home since I was thirteen give or take a couple of years while we lived in Cali.
It's been a good home despite the horrid summers that seem to last forever.
Winter has always been my favorite season here.
An Arizona winter is like heaven. For example? It was 78 two days ago.
Yeah, heaven in my book.
Then, there are the sunsets.

The cacti (plural for cactus fyi) and the Superstition mountains.

Contrary to popular belief, cowboys do not ride down the middle of Main Street on horses. 
Arizona is quite civilized most of the time unless you go searching for that country twang.

But, in spite of all the beauty here the thing I will miss the most about Arizona are the people.

(If you were left out of my photo memory lane please don't be offended!)

When we moved here in 1989 I hated it. HATED it. I wanted to go back home. Somehow over the years this state became home. How does that happen? I am thankful for the experiences God has given us here in Arizona. Thankful for the family, for the friends we have here. We will always be close in heart. And, as we turn to a new chapter in our lives in Wyoming I look forward to what God has in store for us there. 


Crystal said...

AZ is going to miss you, but not as much as i will. :(

allie-mac-fallie said...

awe moving is always so hard for me! wishing you the best!

Also, i have to say a HUGE thank you for the nail advice-- I love that top coat you recommended :) thanks soo much!!!