You Are Worth It

10:16 PM

"Am I gonna believe all the bad things that fools say about me today? Am I gonna believe all the bad things that fools say about me today?!"

This quote hits my heart square on.
How many of us let fools determine our opinion of ourselves?
Do you believe the crap that your husband, ex-boyfriend, friend, mother, father, teacher, or your "whatever" says about you? Or the stuff that someone implies is true about you?
When you look in the mirror do you compare yourself to everyone around you?

Do you know you are awesome?
Cause you are.

I have been that girl my whole life. The girl who believes any negative thing that someone says about herself.

Even after becoming a Christian I still bought into the lies.
It's hard to break that habit.
I'm fat. I'm ugly. I'm not perfect enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm not this. I'm not that.
Just basically stabbing myself in the back.

Now, I'm not saying everyday is like a wonderland. I still have issues to work through like everyone.
I know this because I still am an emotional eater. I still have a weight problem. I know.
But. I began praying to see myself through God's eyes.
And, it is amazing what He sees when he looks at me.

I challenge you to challenge that tape (or MP3 for you younger folk) playing in your head. Every tape is different but we all have them to some degree. If you pray I suggest you pray about it. Think about what you think about on a regular basis. And, try to deliberately replace it with something positive.
If you can't find something positive then make a change. Attack that "tape" head on.
For example, if you are telling yourself you are fat take measures to change that.

Don't believe the bad things that fools (including yourself sometimes) say about you today.
You are worth more than that.
I promise.

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  1. Melonie Campbell2/17/2012

    I am guilty of some of the same things! A couple years ago I read a quote that change it all. I think it is even on Pinterest. I don't remember it word for word but the basic message is.... "People treat you by how you allow them to treat you" It made perfect since. I've made changes and have been very happy! Have a great weekend!

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