Link Up - It's OK Thursday

2:52 PM

Its Ok Thursdays
 Here we are again! Somehow it's Thursday. I love It's OK Thursdays!
It's OK...
...that I feel like sleeping all day long as long as I don't. have no game plan for dinner at 2:45 pm. be completely sick of reading the same two books three times in a row to your 3 year old.
...that I cried like a baby after receiving a package from a dear friend in AZ and it's not because it contained The Vampire Diaries episodes. Well, not completely anyway. Haha! watch said episodes back to back and in a hurry.
...that I am kind of bummed that my hubby is working this Saturday morning. Boo. Hiss.
...that I am cooking Easter Dinner this Sunday without a plan of what I'm making. Other than ham of course. be excited for Abby that the Easter Bunny is coming soon! Wink.

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  1. LOL!!! Well your said friend from AZ cried the first time she got mail from you after the move too. LOL


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