Lucky Lucky Rubber Ducky

People have always told me I am lucky. I never really thought anything of it until the other day.
I'm always entering contests online, big and small, and I win them occasionally. Things that are great like playdate cards, movie tickets, and even a trip to San Diego from a local radio station. But nothing, nothing at all could have prepared me for the phone call I received the other night.
Somehow my name was drawn for the Fox Broadcasting Company's All-Star Party contest. Grand-prize. There is only one prize and it's a doozy.
This gal (and a guest) are going to New York City. What?! They are paying for airfare, hotel, transportation, even giving me spending money. Oh and guess what? I will be going to an industry All-Star party. EEK! I get to use a Flip Cam to document the whole trip even.
I feel like I am dreaming. What are the odds of winning this? I imagine a whole lot of people entered this contest. I entered less than a week ago. The trip is coming up quickly. How quick?
Well, we leave on Mother's Day. That's right May 13th and come back on May 16th.
Oh yes, I am shopping for this trip. New York City calls for new shoes, new makeup, and a couple outfits to boot. ;)

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