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Coffee & Conversation

What was the last book you read that really caused you to grow in your Faith?

I'm going to assume saying the Bible is cheating here. Clearly that is a book that helps me grow in my faith. I am going to be honest here and tell you that I am not too big on reading Non-Fiction. Not sure why. One book I have read that has helped me immensely is Loving God With All Your Mind by Elizabeth George.

Philippians 4:8 says..."Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." This verse is the focus with this book. It helps me to see what I am thinking about that is outside of these parameters. It's such an awesome book and I completely recommend it!

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How cute are these cookie cutters? I think these would make adorable cookie gifts as well as just a fun item to have around the house.

Check out these awesome Mustache Cookie Cutters from  It is a set of three mustache shaped cookie cutters.  These were so much fun for the kids and I when we made cookies today.  Typically we use the more traditional cookie shapes or holiday shapes.  These are awesome and such a fun surprise to serve to others.  

These are our creations...

And Sephora enjoying one...

Wear it, eat it, flaunt it... Whatever you want...

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These sound like amazingly luxurious products. I love taking baths with fun products like these.

ActzStore has some great products such as soaps, scrubs, body and hair products, masks, washes, lotions and more.  

ActzStore uses only the finest products available on the market today. All raw materials are purchased at Fair Trade. They have 4 cosmetic makers on staff, which 2 of them take special care of the Vegan Line. The Vegan Safe Soaps, Scrubs, Lotions, Masks, and more are all done in their own separate tools. Including but not limited to melting, mixing, stirring, packaging, and pouring. We truly understand the importance of being Vegan and we honor and respect the Vegan Lifestyle.

The Founder of ACTZ Cosmetics found her passion for soap when she was only 9 years old. Her mother, ACTZ Cosmetics Master Soap Maker was a Candle Maker; showed her to make her first soap and candle at this young age and it was an instant love affair. Her mother was born with severe eczema under eyes. She had under gone a rare radiation treatment that tragically left her with little to no eyelashes and eyebrows. As a daughter, seeing your mother in pain is terrifying and heartbreaking. She wished nothing more than to give back to her mother, to find something anything to help, to soothe, and to make her feel better. Then the Founder gave birth to her first and only Daughter, and she was born with eczema. Now she is giving as a Mother & Daughter products that will not further irritate their eczema, and give comfort when it is needed most.</ span>
</ div>

This is the Pineapple Candy cupcake.  It definitely smells good enough to eat.  My daughter immediately scoffed up this cupcake and put it to good use in the bathtub.  Anything that makes her welcome a bath is fine by me.  And it definitely smells like a nice fresh pineapple.  The consistency is very smooth and luxurious.  I have no doubt she felt like a queen using it.  She has placed it off limits to anyone else in the house.  </ span>

This is a Body Shot sugar scrub.  It is a tiny little tub of sugar scrub specifically designed for traveling or being on the go.  Great for the gym.  Now this was my favorite.  So sweet smelling and smooth - now I feel like a queen!

This one is Tangerine Calandula Face Wash and Nude Face Polish.  The Nude Face Polish is a nice gentle scrub for my face.  You mix the crystals with a little water then rub onto face - using 2 to 3 times per week.  I received a small amount so I couldn't use it 2 to 3 times per week but it definitely left my face feeling refreshed and clean when I did use it.  The Tangerine Calandula Face Wash was probably my favorite product.  First of all I love the colors orange and tangerine but it isn't just about the colors. I love the scent and this did not disappoint.  

I can already see a bunch of little girls having a great party with all the assorted soaps.  Personally I think the ice cream cone is so cool.  Who wouldn't want to wash with that?  I love the fact that they are natural and safe while also having fruit filled scents.  Perfect in my "book".

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Never Ever Ever Would You Hear Me Say...
I think I've blogged enough this week.

Someone else can get the mail today.

I don't need to check my blinking phone notifications.

I hate finding deals thrift shopping.

Card making isn't so fun after all.

I hate Mexican food.

No wine for me, thanks!

I can't leave the house, I have cleaning to do.

I love clothes shopping.

I don't want to talk right now.

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Mommy Mondays

There are moments of motherhood that I feel like running away. If you are a Mom I'm sure you've been there too. But, these moments are overshadowed by the other moments. The moments where I cannot imagine being anywhere else. Often, they are at the beginning or end of the day. Those slow, lazy moments where my big four year old will still cuddle with me. Those times when she comes up, kisses me, and says that she loves me. Seeing her snuggle with Daddy. Or, saying something that makes me truly know what we say is sinking in on some level. It reminds me of the saying I read once...

It's natural to have bad Mommy days. It is. Just get back up, dust yourself off, and begin again. Remember that your children are gifts from God even when you want to return them. ;)

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If you have kids that love to read and a Barnes and Noble nearby then you are in luck! They have a Summer Reading program for kids.

All you have to do is Read 8 books and record them in the reading journal. Then, bring the completed journal into a nearby B&N store. They will give you a choice of a free book on their reading journal list!

And, no, I am not being paid to say this or anything. No special links just a normal link to their page where you can download the reading journal.

I just think it's super cool of them to encourage reading in this way!

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I'm linking up today with 
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Come say hi and join us! :)

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Sunday Social
Did you sleepwalk as a child?
Not that I recall. I did have an embarrassing moment of trying to walk to the bathroom and peeing in the corner of my room but I'm not sure if I was sleepwalking. Shh.

Did you ever try to run away or sneak out of your house?
No though with my step-dad I sure thought about it.

Did you have any imaginary friends?
Yes several. I had an over-active imagination and had conversations with "them" all the time. Ahem. I feel crazy now. lol

Did you ever go toilet papering?
Nope. I was the rule follower.

Did you ever sneak tv shows you weren't allowed to watch?
I tried but again I was the rule follower and would feel guilty. Sad, I know. Besides the fact that I can't remember a show I wanted to watch that I wasn't allowed to.

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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I was worrying about nothing for Abby's Kindergarten testing. be super excited about making Butterbeer and Butterbeer cupcakes for a Harry Potter marathon on Saturday night. think I have a super sweet hubby for leaving this for us this morning (and more reasons too!) think using a Slow Cooker is both awesome and torturous. 

...that Abby and I have some work to do with using scissors and a few other small things this summer. be looking forward to the weather this weekend. It will be in the upper 60's and it can't come fast enough! want new nail polish despite not having used any in the last few weeks.

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Coffee & Conversation

Last week I joined the Coffee & Conversation Link Up and I'm back again this week. I love that it feels like having a cup of coffee and chit chat with a good friend.

This week is a tough question for me because I have so many wonderful friends in my life. So many. How could I possibly answer it with one person. That is when I came up with my answer.

What is the most valuable friendship you have in your life and what makes it so great?

The most valuable friendship I have (outside of Jesus) is my husband. Cheesy? Maybe. That's okay. I am a cheesy sort of person. If you knew me outside of the internet you would know that. I am sappy.

Anyway, back to the question at hand. I picked my husband because he is awesome. We can talk about so many different things from our faith to fears, our past to the future. We like to do things with each other. Watch movies, listen to music, go on drives. God put us together. I whole-heartedly believe this.

It's not a perfect friendship. We are still learning, even after 16+ years of marriage, but it's worth working on.

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So, last week I talked about how we should stop trying to be Super Mom. And this week I am taking a lead from that. I said to "Remember that you are the only Mom your kids will ever have. Enjoy each moment and stop stressing over the next one." Today I am talking about time. 

It passes quickly.

Are you surprised? I think not. But, when you become a parent there is an odd paradox of time. You can, all at once, feel that time is passing so SLOWLY and so quickly.

Example #1: Our daughter threw a fit the other day over not being able to have a snack. She asked for food approximately 1,268,364 times in the span of an hour. Time passed extremely slowly. Would she EVER stop asking for food? I mean, seriously. Later that day, we brought her to school to register her for Kindergarten. What?! How can she be old enough for school? She was just our little teeny 6 pound 7 ounce baby girl the other day. Time passed so fast.

How does it do that? I mean, a day can drag on forever and the months & years fly by. It is craziness. It reminds me of this:


I try to live in the moment. Let her kiss & hug me & play while she is still willing. Some day she will not reach for my hand so quickly. She will call her friends on the phone instead of calling my name. This makes me sad. I want these moments to last. So, next time I wish for time to go faster while she is throwing a fit...I will take it back and hug her a little tighter.

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Coffee & Conversation

This week I am linking up with Kalyn and Lauren for their Coffee & Conversation today. I have found this link up via the lovely Grace for Gayle and as always there are a few rules:

1 // Follow your hosts via GFC
2 // Link up your blog post answering that week's question instead of the main URL for your blog..
3 // Have fun!! Visit other links and join the conversation with everyone. This is a conversation starter, so if you have a lot to say on the topic - run with it! :)

What do you consider your two greatest strengths? What about the areas you would like to improve? 

Okay, it goes without saying when talking about strengths that I am not bragging. At all. We all have strengths, it's just some of us haven't identified ours. With that being said I will dig in.

I care about others. Compassion. This is a double edged sword. Sometimes I care so much about others that I care about things like "What do they think of me?" But, when I have this strength in check, it's a really good thing otherwise. I tend to remember birthdays. I send cards for no reason. I want to know what's going on in your life - to support you. I truly care.
I'm creative. This goes in different directions. I sing. I write. I scrapbook. I take photos. There are so many creative outlets I want to explore. It's in my blood and truly, I believe, something God has blessed me with as well.

Okay, and now for some areas I'd like to improve. This is easier, always, isn't it? We are so quick to talk about shortcomings. That's why I'm glad we are talking about it in terms of improving. The emphasis is not on the negative. So, here we go.

I tend to procrastinate. I'll tell you more about that later. *sigh* That was supposed to be funny but unfortunately it is my every day reality. I would much rather put something off until later than take a moment to do it now. This has to change. I mean, do I really like the mad rush of doing things a second before they are supposed to be done? No.
I also am a bit of a perfectionist. Not in everything, obviously, but I am quite hard on myself on certain things.   Making mistakes and appearing foolish are two things that freak me out. But, you know what? That is life. If we are not making mistakes & learning then we are not living. It's something I "know" in my head but living it out is much harder.

So, there you have it. It's been kind of tough to get this all you can imagine but it is rather cathartic. Join us in posting and linking up?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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So since I failed last week on getting my post up in time I wanted to be sure to do it this week. 
Today I wanted to talk about perfectionism. Big word. Big problem. Well, for me. Am I alone in this?

As a Mom we all want to do what's best for our children. We want to make sure they are safe, happy, and thriving. But there is this force out there. An unseen, but often spoken force, that we must be the perfect parent. Folks, it doesn't exist. Yes, we can always improve. I admit I pray every day to be the kind of Mom I need to be for my daughter. But this need to be the be all, end all Super Mom, isn't possible. It isn't healthy.

If you are anything like me (and most mom's) you will question everything you do. Why? Because there is no one way to do everything. Your child is unique as are you. What works for me will not work for my neighbor or even my twin sister. You know, assuming I had one.

So, how do you stop trying to be Super Mom? Here are some of my thoughts.

  • There are so many decisions to make as a Mom. The majority of them will not matter in 20 years. That's just a fact. So don't obsess over them. Make the best choice you can and move on. Easier said than done. 
  • Don't compare yourself with other Moms. It's like comparing apples to oranges really. Like one of my favorite quotes says "Don't compare your worst days with someone else's best." 
  • Kids will only be little once. Pick classes or activities for children sparingly. If you feel the need to have them involved in a lot of different things just make sure they have time to play on their own and just be kids too. 
  • Remember that you are the only Mom your kids will ever have. Enjoy each moment and stop stressing over the next one.
I hope these words encourage you. Let's retire those capes regardless of how pretty they are.

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I read this on someone's blog today. I've heard it before. We all have. It made me stop and think. Who am I trying to be? It's incredibly popular to be snarky nowadays (and yes I just said nowadays - eek!). You know, snarky...

snarky adjective \ˈsnär-kē\
1 : crotchety, snappish
2 : sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner

It's popular to let it all out and show every single darn frustration you have experienced that day. While I agree with letting off steam and being honest about yourself - that is not what I am speaking of today. This is about a permanent state of mind. This is not the focus I want my life to have. 

See, I am not naive. I know my life isn't perfect. I know that I could fill a novel with my complaints. I could. But, I want the story of my life to have a different theme. 

This is what I want to shoot for. To be. I am a Christian. That brings with it a certain responsibility to try to be someone I'm not. That's right. I'm trying to be like Jesus. I've got a long way to go, obviously, but it takes baby steps.

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