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Coffee & Conversation

Last week I joined the Coffee & Conversation Link Up and I'm back again this week. I love that it feels like having a cup of coffee and chit chat with a good friend.

This week is a tough question for me because I have so many wonderful friends in my life. So many. How could I possibly answer it with one person. That is when I came up with my answer.

What is the most valuable friendship you have in your life and what makes it so great?

The most valuable friendship I have (outside of Jesus) is my husband. Cheesy? Maybe. That's okay. I am a cheesy sort of person. If you knew me outside of the internet you would know that. I am sappy.

Anyway, back to the question at hand. I picked my husband because he is awesome. We can talk about so many different things from our faith to fears, our past to the future. We like to do things with each other. Watch movies, listen to music, go on drives. God put us together. I whole-heartedly believe this.

It's not a perfect friendship. We are still learning, even after 16+ years of marriage, but it's worth working on.

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