It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK..

...that I will probably still do these even after the link up is over! have buzzing in my ears. So frustrating though. still be debating what to bring as a snack for Game Night on Saturday.

...that Abby fell in the water at the Children's Village yesterday. Haha.

...that I've been using Listia WAY too much lately! have lots of giveaways and reviews coming up on the blog!

...that I am super excited to meet Abby's teacher for Kindergarten and tour the school next week!

...that I want to see the new Star Trek movie though I probably will wait until it's on DVD.

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lil desiqua said...

I usually bring desserts to most gatherings. I think the most loved were Oreo balls! What is Listia?

Stopping by from the link up! :)