Sorry I'm Not Sorry

I've fallen off the Blog Every Day in May challenge. Sigh. But, it was just for Mother's Day weekend. I'm back now! So, here is today's post.

Sorry Chili's, I'm through with you. Well, at least the one in this town. I never thought it would end like this but here it is. Your food is fair but dear goodness, there is something wrong with your service. I have ordered take out three times and every time had to wait longer than I should have. The last time I was there forever (literally an hour) before getting my food.
On Mother's Day I chose Chili's for lunch because I wanted chips and salsa. I love your chips and salsa. Oh yes. We were seated right away so that was awesome but it took about 8-10 minutes before our server greeted us. We ordered everything right away by that point including chips, salsa, fire roasted guacamole  and our meals. We waited and waited for our appetizer. Much to our surprise our meals came out! The server had never brought it out. He did apologize and boxed it up for us for later. My daughter's mac & cheese was congealed and obviously had sat under the heat lamp for a while.
All in all, it was a frustrating experience and I've decided I'm through with you. Such a bummer too.
Sorry but I'm not sorry.

I'm participating in Story of my Life's Blog everyday in May challenge! Prompt:
Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.
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