Sunday Social

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite Social Media outlet? I love Instagram. It's like Facebook and my camera gallery collided! Love.

2. Do you subscribe to any daily news reads? If so which ones? Nope.

3. Favorite Magazine to have by the pool? By the pool...hmm. There aren't many of those here so I don't know. lol If I had to guess it would be People, Reader's Digest, and Woman's Day.

4. Favorite summertime song? When I think of summer I think of fun and upbeat. So, with that in mind I pick a song that makes me tap my foot and almost dance as I sing to it. I'm still loving Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae. Can't help it. Sorry I'm not sorry.

5. Best Summer concert you’ve been to? I don't know if it was in the summer but I was 14 so it was kind of always like summer, right? New Kids on the Block. Oh yeah. ;)

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NATALIE said...

I love Instagram too!!

I invite you to my blog.