Mommy Mondays

Mommy Mondays

Being a Mom is tough business. You spend practically all your time helping & teaching your kiddos to grow up. Then, when they start growing up, you want it to slow down! Not much just enough so I can catch my breath. I swear it was just yesterday that she looked like this...

But, it wasn't. Now she is doing things like learning to read and losing teeth. Come on she's almost five, not twelve! Ahem. Oh, and guess what? She lost her tooth. That thing never had a chance. It lasted, what, four days with her wiggling it all the time. ALL the time. It was painful to watch but she was determined.
Today, we were driving down about a half hour to pick up our Bountiful Basket (post coming soon!) when she gleefully announced her tooth had come out! I have a semi-toothless almost five year old now.
And, for those of you that love proof - here it is!

I'm going to go cry now. You think I'm kidding? Sniff. Talk to you later!


Becky Dougherty said...

Losing teeth is big business where I come from. lol. In first grade, it is a HUGE deal. I think I might miss it when I move to 6th grade!

Unknown said...

We are getting 2 yr molars right now and it makes me laugh that it is SO hard and painful when those teeth come in. I hate teething and then to think they lose them in a few more years and you rejoice and celebrate it with the tooth fairy (although secretly crying). Anyhow just struck me as interesting. Thanks for linking up to mommy mondays