Never Ever Ever

I Never Ever Ever

...will I believe that Abby is about to turn five in less than a month.

...will I stop liking the movie "Goonies". It holds some major childhood memories and I love it. Side note: I remember trying to convince some kids at school once that I was in it. Um yeah, I wasn't.

...will I turn down a margarita on the rocks, with salt.

...will I stop taking photos. I am addicted. Love being able to look at all the moments I've captured.

...will I hate Nutella. Period. I want to try to make my own. Why? Just because I can.

Homemade Nutella

How good does that look?! Anyway, back to the list. Never ever ever...

...will I say no butter on my movie popcorn.

...will I stop loving nail polish. They keep making the cutest colors and the neatest polishes.

Sugar coat nail polish

sally hansen sugar coat nail polish - Google Search

Magnetic nail polish
above photos {via}

Yep, those are pretty different. I want to try them, just because!
So, that is my list for the week. 

Join us and share your Never Ever Evers.

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