Mommy Mondays: Making Memories

Mommy Mondays

Every morning a sleepy little curly blonde hair cutie climbs into bed with us. She calls us Mommy & Daddy. Climbing over her Daddy she settles in between us and goes back to sleep.

Sometime between the crack of dawn and when normal people wake up she will open her eyes and groggily exclaim "Cuddles!" She then proceeds to press her little body up against mine.

In this time she is like my baby again. I rub her back and arms. I gently run my hands over her ever maturing face. For these moments we are the most important people in the planet.

Someday she will be a teenager and these times will be a memory. For now, I will not hurry to get my day started. No, I will lounge awhile and enjoy her being my sweet, young child.

What a blessing it is to be her Mommy.


Rachel said...

awwww :) This is so sweet!! We bring Carter into bed sometimes in the morning, too, but he never falls back asleep! lol!

Unknown said...

So sweet! Phoebe cuddles for all of two seconds and then she is jumping on the pillows and playing with her stuffed animals. No one gets any more sleep in the morning... Thanks for linking up!