Taking Pride

I have a confession to make: I am a procrastinator. Nowhere in my life is this more evident than in my housework. Or shall I say messy house because that is usually happening more often than any housework. It's not something I am proud of. I can put on blinders and not even see it anymore. Subconsciously however it is a major source of anxiety. I never realize that until I have deep cleaned.
Now, I'm not saying the house is filthy (though I think most of us have those moments) I am saying it is cluttered. Clean laundry in baskets. Never completely current on the dishes. Yeah, that sort of mess.

Recently, there was a revelation in my life in the form of one word. Pride. Usually that word is used in a negative context as in pride comes before a fall. But what I mean by the word pride is this...taking pride in the everyday life God has blessed you with. Your everyday life will obviously vary from mine and I'm not talking about being Martha Stewart here. I am talking about giving your best to your "job" whatever that is to you. It can be working outside of the home but for me, obviously, it means my work in the home. Putting it before tv or the internet, gasp. Never ahead of my family though.

Keep in mind that you love your home, spouse and children and you take care of them better than anyone else could. 

Live being a Mom
One last note, I am not in any way knocking Mom's that work. At all. I think it's awesome. I still believe the quote above applies to you however. You may kick butt in the court room but seriously, the "work" you do at home is the greatest you will ever do.

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