Being a Yes Mom

I am going to do an experiment. Become a yes mom. Just for one week. That's not to say I will say yes to everything. Clearly a spoiled child is not what I'm going for. What I want is to stop being a "No Mom". It's so easy to say "No", "Just a minute" or "Later". I'm pretty sure those "laters" never really come. Plus, you never know what tomorrow will bring and I want to be here, be present in her life. I want her to giggle as much as possible.

So, for a week, this week, I am committing to saying yes to my daughter. It happens to be the week of her birthday. Well timed, no? I will say yes when she asks me to play with her, to cuddle with her, to go for a walk to the park. I will not let chores or the, gulp, internet or anything to get in my way. The TV will be off more and the fun will be on! I expect to have lots of arts and crafts to share with you as well as photos of park fun.

Join me?

Cant Google Everything

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Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up! What a GREAT idea. You are right it is SO EASY to get too busy with other "stuff" rather than sit down and drive those trains or read that book or color that picture. I'll join you :)