They Say It's Your Birthday!

Our baby girl is five years old today. How on earth can that be? You may notice a pattern here, I can never believe how quickly time has passed. It feels like yesterday that we were asking our Bible Study group for prayers for some medical stuff related to conceiving a baby. And, here she is growing and learning so much each day. She makes me laugh and smile and want to pull my hair out but I wouldn't trade a moment. That is the truth. Not even the huge tantrum in the middle of the grocery store. Not even the days of colic we once went through. Because to trade the not-so-pleasant moments would mean I couldn't have the happy ones either. Life is a big mish-mosh of emotion. I thank God for His blessing of Abigail.

Happy 5th Birthday sweet girl!


Becky Dougherty said...

Happy Birthday, Abby! :)

bettycd said...

How Sweet - My baby girl is a thru college now and had her birthday on AUG 13. We both send Birthday wishes to Abigail!

Katrina Angele said...

So sweet. My son just turned 15 months. I know we will be having his 2nd b-day parry before I know it. I'm in denial to and always shocked at how time really does fly.