Curve Balls

Life throws so many curve balls and I can't begin to explain why. But I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Even the bad stuff and granted I haven't had extremely bad stuff, like the loss of a child, happen to me but still there are things that I deal with that seem so big. It seems inpassible and larger than I can deal with. 

And just when I think I'm at my breaking point it's brought to my attention that I'm not in this alone. Not only do I have family and friends but love me but I have the love the unfailing unending love of my God.  I'm not talking about some religious thing. I'm talking about a living breathing relationship with the one who saved me. With the God who knew before I was even born all the mistakes and mess I would make and created me anyway. That means something to me. 

We all have been here for a reason. Even if we don't see it right now. I love the quote don't make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings. God is so much bigger than our feelings and experiences. And he really has experienced all of our emotions.

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