Food issues

"You can't trust me with food." said my five year old daughter randomly while at the park this afternoon.
This sentence simultaneously broke my heart and made me mad. Mad at myself,  of course. It made me make a definitive decision to never talk about her and food again.
Clearly she had heard me make comments about her healthy appetite to my friends as an offhanded apology of sorts. Like, I'm sorry my daughter is eating so much. Mommy complex in high gear.
This is just as bad as if I had said oh, my daughter is a pig. It's obvious to me she heard and understood "you can't trust Abby with food."
Instead I need to keep quiet and encourage her by example that she doesn't have to eat everything she sees. That food is just fuel. That it is okay to eat when she's actually hungry but not when she's bored. And to trust that she knows the difference between the two.

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