Kitchen Mix-Up Reveal

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I saw this challenge over at MandaLoves blog and knew I had to give it try. The idea is to take the "secret ingredients" and create a recipe out of your head. Due to having no actual recipe, I have no measurements for you. This month's ingredients were butterscotch, cream cheese, cinnamon, and apples. I was extremely nervous about my dish. I didn't want to ruin my ingredients. I decided to make a sort of pie.

Follow my journey below.

I diced two apples. Normally I would bake with Granny Smith apples but I only had these on hand.

Melted some butter into a saucepan.

Added the apples, cinnamon, and some brown sugar. Let it stew a bit.

Made homemade pie crust possibly for the second time ever.

It turned out alright, thankfully!

Mixed some sour cream and cream cheese together with my spiffy new spatula. Note for next time, let the cream cheese soften more. Lumps aren't pretty.

Added some pumpkin pie spice.

 Put into pie crust and folded edges over.

Baked at 375 for 25 minutes or so.

Added butterscotch syrup over the top.

 Finished product. Tada!

This tastes really good but will never win appearance based contests. Also, the texture was a bit off. Not quite sure how to fix that at this time but I will work on it. Mmm.


Julie said...

Mine was such a random concoction as well haha. I'm glad it turned out good though! :)

Julie said...

Look at that spatula! :) Thanks for participating!

I think we all thought the texture was off... I wonder if it was from the cream cheese?

Julie said...

I think so! Oh, and I also used my lovely cookie cutters on Abby's pancakes this morning. :)

Julie said...

I have to admit, however, that we didn't finish it. The texture got worse and worse. lol