Musical Monday: My First Concert

I love music so I thought I would start a weekly feature about it. I'm not limiting myself to one aspect so it will vary from week to week. This week is about my first concert.
Debbie Gibson
If you don't know who this is then we can't be blog friends anymore. I jest. But, 13 year old in me does cry a bit. Seriously, does Electric Youth and Lost in Your Eyes mean nothing anymore?!
Two words. Debbie Gibson. Or rather, Deborah Gibson if you were a hardcore fan like me.
I was 13 when I attended my first concert, Debbie Gibson. I begged my mom to let me go. She finally relented to let me go with my Aunt Alice. We were somewhere up in the stratosphere at Sun Devil Stadium. I don't even think they allow concerts there anymore, just football. I sang and sang like I was on that stage. I'm sure I annoyed the people in front of me or next to me for that matter. But, I didn't care. My love affair with concerts began at that tender age. We also had an issue with punk kids (at a Debbie Gibson concert?!) throwing cotton candy at the back of our heads. Fun stuff. 
I'm sure I acted like a crazed fan. In fact, I know I did. My Aunt probably lost some of her hearing that day in all honesty due to me alone. In closing I leave you with one of my favorite songs by her. You're welcome.

What was YOUR first concert?

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