My Yarn Wreath

I've been seeing so many cute fall wreaths around the blogosphere and, to be honest, I was slightly jealous. My favorite ones were typically yarn wreaths. "How hard could that be?" I thought and went off to buy some yarn and a wreath form. Okay, first of all, some disclaimers. I did not start off with a styrofoam base. I bought a straw one. The first blog tutorial I saw told me to remove the plastic wrapping on the outside. So I did. Ahem. 

Note to self: Invent a time machine so I can go back to before I did that.

Yeah, I've got to say the idea of taking the plastic off has two strikes against it. #1: It is a mess. A messity messity mother of a mess. #2: It's a mess. Did I say that yet? Oh wait, okay. The real number two is that the yard does not lay flat on the form once you take the wrap off. At all. I got frustrated quickly and gave up.

A week or so later I finally got the idea to look at other wreath forms. Styrofoam worked for me. The yarn slides on it and lays completely flat. Yes! 

I started by looping the yarn around once and tying it. Then, came the easy but extremely tedious process of tossing the skein of yarn through the wreath form over and over again. And over. And over. My five year old helped sometimes but even she decided she was done about half way through. 

To give you an idea, it took about a half hour to do half. This wreath is not as large as some so it could definitely be time consuming the larger it gets.

To finish it off I added some yoyo flowers I made as well as a homemade bow. Love those simple flowers. Tutorial coming soon!

Here is a photo of the finished product hanging on my door. It was a pretty simple project with a fun result. You can obviously use any colors or accessories you would like.


Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Yours turned out great!!

I started to make one about two years ago for the 4th of July. It was sooo tedious!!! I ended up quitting it, because I couldn't handle it anymore and my husband finished it for me lol

Alicia Owen said...

Cute! I've been tossing around the idea of making one of these since I have SO much yarn in the back room from my basket making days. That's really neat that you made your own flowers and bow for it too!

Holly @ Cat Hair and Glitter said...

love it!!

Becky Dougherty said...

That's super cute. I really need to get a hook to hang things on my door.....