30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 1

Each day, I will be posting about something I am thankful for. It might be something big or something little. No rules!

I am thankful for technology. Not only does it make it possible for me to talk to you guys but also my family and friends that are far away. I love that I can google something. Or, look at my favorite restaurants menu with the click of a button. I love being able to carry my phone with me. This was not the case when I was in high school. Heck, we had just barely gotten computers at school then. Shh. This dates me, right?

I remember when having the internet at home was an extravagant thing. A slooooow extravagant thing. Now it is common and typical, not to mention FAST! I am so thankful that smart people use the talents they've been given to help others in this way.

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Julie said...

I've been doing this as well.