Walmart Glitch

Have you heard about the latest Walmart story going around the internet? Well, let me fill you in! This morning, I read about awesome deals on Walmart. Things like a Graco Nautilus Car Seat for $58 when they are normally over $130. My friend placed an order for two power wheels for $62 total! There was also a flat screen computer monitors worth $190 for $8! Craziness and what great deals!
Come to find out, it was a glitch - a technical error on their site though it was rumored their site was hacked.
Apparently, some stores are honoring the sales if they had been fully processed but others, like at my friend's store, were not honored at all. What do you think? 

Should Walmart have honored the prices?

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Julie said...

Oh they should absolutely honor them! It's their fault for not noticing something was off and discontinued website sales immediately!