What Am I Doing Wrong?

I have to take a moment to address something I find quite important for all the Mom's out there. If you are a Mom, you have probably said this phrase before. I'm fairly sure I'm not alone.
"What am I doing wrong?!"
Usually it's said in a moment of frustration. A moment where your beloved child has just completely melted down in front of your eyes. In the grocery store. Right in the middle of the store where everyone can witness said tantrum. I've been there. Heart racing. Maybe even tears springing to your eyes. The question "how do I deal with this?" doesn't even compare with the one that forms after. 
"What am I doing wrong?!"
It implies something very important. If I were a better mom, my child would behave better than this.
Friends, it's not true. It's just...not. In fact, it's a lie from the man down below. It's intention is to make you feel less than. To make you feel defeated. To frustrate you. Don't let him win.
The truth? Each person on this earth was born with sin. Yes, even our precious children. Our job is, unfortunately, not to be perfect parents with perfect children. In my OCD, control freak mind, this is unacceptable but nonetheless, it's the truth. We are given very specific commands in scripture but none of them talk about being perfect parents. Here are a couple that stand out to me.
We are supposed to start them off. We are supposed to not exasperate them. We are to train and instruct them in the Lord. We are not their God. God is perfect. We fall short. We fail. 
Guess what? It's okay. Like I said, our role is not to be perfect. We need to point our kids to God. Show Him as real in our lives. When we fail, when they fail, we need to show them that our strength comes from the One who never fails us. 
(By the way, discipline is important and the lack of it can be a real detriment to our kids. I'm not trying to say it's okay to let your kids run wild. But, I'm not speaking to that here, I'm simply here to tell you that there is grace in God.)
And remember in the middle of the mess, that even though each moment seems so long, truly these days are fleeting. One day we will look back and not remember all the frustration in such painful detail.

I am clinging to that hope anyway.

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