Letter to Abby

Dear Abby,
You are almost five and a half years old now. You're growing up so quickly. Sometimes I feel like it's too fast but I love it at the same time. You are such a sweet girl. You care about other people's feelings and love learning about God. Being a helper is something that makes you happy. You give your pre-school teacher Ms. Anderson about two hugs before we leave to go home from school. 

You have a laugh that is unforgettable. Both Daddy and I love to make you giggle with tickles. By the way, behind your knees is one of the best places to get you laughing and squirming. Your imagination is getting better by the day. I love listening to you play. You also tell me you have a hundred imaginary friends but you don't know their names. I don't know what is cuter...that you have a hundred imaginary friends or that you actually call them imaginary. 

You still love books which makes me smile. Each night when we read you are quick to ask for just one more book. I'm so impressed with how quickly you learn too. I started working with you a couple weeks ago on a few sight words (the, and, me) and now you recognize them immediately on a page. 

Your hair is still a beautiful shade of blonde. It's sort of dirty blonde now and is getting so long. You have tons of baby hairs growing in around your face so when I put your hair up it looks a bit wild but adorable. You've been really good lately about letting me do your hair.

You got earrings the day after Christmas with Aunt Debbie, Haylee, and me at Claire's in the mall in Arizona. Such a big girl, you didn't even cry. I was worried you wouldn't let me turn them or clean them but, thanks to a talk with Haylee, you have been great!

You have two grown up teeth on your bottom front and you are just now getting your six year molars. You say they don't even hurt but they look so painful. Someone told me you have an advanced mouth and it seems to be true although you didn't get your first tooth until you were nine months old.

I love watching you grow up but yet I love that you are still young enough to cuddle and give kisses all the time. You say mornings and bedtime are your favorite because you get to cuddle with us. I wouldn't trade you for a million dollars sweetie.

Love you forever, Mommy

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