Love, Juliebug: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

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Have I told you I love The Hunger Games? I know there are a lot of strong opinions on this one and I shy away from debates. There is something about this sort of science fiction dystopian future that intrigues me. I thank God we don't live in a world where kids are fighting each other to the death for sport. The love triangle aspect is always interesting to watch although I am also glad to not have that in my real life. 
When Catching Fire came out I heard about our local theater doing a double feature. I love that sort of thing so I asked around and a couple gals wanted to join me. Yay! Unfortunately, we got to the theater a bit late and for the first movie we were stuck in the fifth row from the front. Can you say dizzy? Wow. I didn't realize how the camera bouncing around would make me so woozy close up. Thankfully, we were able to switch to a few rows back for the second one. 
There's something awesome to me about going to an event like that with your girlfriends. But, then again, I have been and always will be a fan girl at heart. I'm not sure why but whatever I like, I like wholeheartedly. That's not a bad thing but I do need a reminder sometimes that life is about more than that one thing.
Back to The Hunger Games though, is anyone else a bit nervous about the last book being made into a movie? Or, in this case, two movies? I am re-reading Mockingjay right now and I have to tell you that I think I might bawl seeing this on screen. I am excited though frustrated that I have to wait so long to see them both. What is it with all this time in between them? Boo on their part. So, I have to wait longer than I'd like. I am looking forward to movie trailers that I know are coming soon. 

How about you? Did you read the books or watch the movies? What are your thoughts?

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Crystal Balzer said...

I've read all the books in that series! I've only seen the first movie so far. I loved the books and read them super fast. Right now I'm on the last book in the Divergent series and heard those will be movies as well!

Becky Dougherty said...

I LOVE The Hunger Games, and I have seen both of the movies so far! It's always both hard and wonderful for me to see the books I love come to the big screen. Scott & I liked the movie version of Catching Fire better than The Hunger Games. BUT we had both had just read the first book when we went to see the movie so the details were very fresh in our minds. That doesn't mean I think the movies aren't good! I can't wait to see the last two! Have you read the Divergent series by Veronica Roth? Divergent will be coming out in movie theaters soon.

Julie said...

I LOVE the Divergent series but haven't read the last one. I am conflicted because so many people did not like it.

Julie said...

I read the books super fast too! Please let me know if you like the last book of the Divergent series.

Crystal Balzer said...

Ok, I just finished the last one. I'm conflicted! I did like it but felt that there could have been better ways to end the series. I won't give any spoilers so I can't say why lol.

Julie said...

haha yeah that is what I've been hearing and I just don't know if I want to remember the series that way. lol

Julie said...

Please do! I'm sure I will read it eventually but man, I'm dragging my feet. lol

Crystal Balzer said...

It seems like, with trilogies I've read lately, the last book is hurried and not as well thought out as the others. I read the Delirium series earlier this month and felt that way about those too! I'm looking for a new series to start now. I'm into the YA dystopian recently! Any recommendations?

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