Motherhood: A Precious Calling

Every year of Abby's childhood brings new joys and new challenges. The joys are precious and the challenges can be intense. We've waded through colic, tantrums, and even the "why" stage. Now, we are at the stages of pushing boundaries and "I'm just kidding" when we all know she was trying to slip a fib by. What can I say? Being a parent is not dull

Nobody told me that five year old girls are very emotional. It shouldn't surprise me considering I am a girl but it does. She starts crying over the fact that I put the clothes in the washing machine without her help. Or, she whines because it's not snack time yet. She even thinks she can run up to her room in a huff and slam her door. "Wrong, little girl. You are not fifteen." I want to say.

In the depth of the day it's easy to become frustrated. It's easy to feel alone and like I'm not cut out for this job. But then, I have moments of clarity. I see fellow moms expressing the same frustrations. Different children, different moms, same struggles. It reminds me, in a not so subtle way, just how important it is to talk about our life journey with others. There's something powerful in the sharing of battle scars. There's something precious and encouraging in learning you are not alone.

The moments when I find myself frustrated and feeling like the worst mom in the world are the moments I need to remember the following, I am called to this motherhood business. I'm not just here because the wind blew me here. And, that means something. 

Motherhood - Great inspiration on this beautiful labor of love in this post!

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