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A Photo an Hour Link-Up
I saw this link up idea on Meg O's blog last week and decided to join in. So, on Friday I took one photo every hour I was awake. Tedious in nature, I actually had to set alarms to help me remember. Without further adieu, here is a day in my life through photos!

It's time for Preschool! We were running late this day, of course, but I still got a smile from our cutie.

Back home and doing some blog stuff.

Making the bed and enjoying the sun. It doesn't happen often lately.

Sitting in the parking lot until it's time to get Abby from school.

A special treat of Starbucks. Abby devoured her cake pop and somehow I showed enough restraint to take this photo.

Changing out the fragrance cube on my super adorable Owl Warmer. I love this thing.

Fort time! The whole table was included and she even set up her Army men to guard her.

Playing around. This girl loves to slide on her butt down the stairs.

My horribly messy desk in the process of getting more organized.

Dinner time! Tonight it's meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Mmm.

We had fun playing Hi Ho Cherry-O. She beat me. Fair and square.

In this house we are big fans of books. Bedtime = book time.

Top Chef is one of my fave shows. So, after bedtime I tend to be found watching it on the laptop.

Doing some late night digi-scrapping. I love it when I'm feeling creative. This night...not so much.

After this was bedtime for me. Thanks for checking out my day! Obviously, there is so much more that happens in my day but these are the moments that were caught on "film". 

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