Take a Break

For some reason there is an ongoing battle with how we should be as Moms. Never mind that each child and each parent are completely different. Is it not enough that I question everything I do? Now I have other people judging me as well.

The question was posed to me recently inquiring whether I was the type of Mom who needs a break from her kids or not. I was stumped. The "type of Mom"? Surely every mother needs a break from time to time. I know I do. Then, I started to wonder...am I wrong? Do I suck for not being super mom? The answer politely is no.

I truly believe that every Mom needs a break. Whether they get one or not is another thing. There is this notion going around Mom-Ville that sounds like this "I am their Mom. I should do everything perfectly and never need help. I should never lose my cool. It is my job. If I don't feel this way there is something wrong with me. What if I screw up this Mom thing?" I have this same tape running through my mind, trust me I do.

The thing is these thoughts are lies. Why? Well, let me share.

1. Your kids will be better off if they have a mom that takes a bit of time for herself now and again. Heck, even for a warm bubble bath and a glass of herbal tea. Man, that sounds awesome!

2. We are not alone in this parenting thing. Whether it is your spouse, family, or friends I pray that you have people to come up alongside you in this parenting business. It takes a village. It really does.

3. We are not perfect. We are human, we stress. We react badly to situations. The point I am trying to make here is we will never be able to do everything perfectly. We need to let ourselves off the hook a bit more.

4. When you live in the land of "should-haves" and "what ifs" you will go crazy. Honestly, just seek to do the best you can in the moment and wait for the next moment to arrive. Don't look back too far and don't crane your neck trying to look forward.

It doesn't matter if it's a girl's night out, a lunch, or a cup of coffee - take a break every once in a while. You deserve it!

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