5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day for Free!

This time of year there is a lot of talk of love. Being Valentine's Day there are a lot of cards, jewelry, chocolates, and stuffed animals sold to declare love. We are told if we love one another we will buy buy buy. Oh well, not directly most of the time but the message is there just the same.

Wait, don't leave! I'm not a naysayer of Valentine's Day. I love love. I love chocolate, jewelry, and all that. I do. It's just...what about the people that can't afford to show their love in that manner? I'm not afraid to say it people, we aren't rich. I'm assuming most of you are the same way. 

I'm going to share something revolutionary here. You don't need money to celebrate Valentine's Day. All you need is a shift in your thinking. Here are five things you can do to celebrate.

1. Go on a picnic.

It can be something as simple as sandwiches. No cheese and wine necessary.

2. Sit and talk around a fire.

There's something soothing about the fire, not to mention romantic.

3. Take a walk somewhere pretty.

As you can see, lots of my ideas have to do with being outside. There's a reason for that. Being outside tends to make you step away from technology - except those pesky phones - and move closer to each other.

4. Make dinner and eat it in a different room than normal.

I'm just saying it's nice to mix it up sometimes.

5. Put on romantic music and dance.

Just slow dance. Hold each other. Yes, you. I know most people haven't danced since their wedding but change that!  

These ideas may seem cheesy to you but I challenge you to open your mind. Think of your own ideas too! Spend time with each other and just be together. Your relationship will thank you.

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