He Has a Problem

My sweet husband has a problem. He doesn't like birthdays. Or, should I say, he doesn't care about them. Yet once a year, today in fact, we are faced with his birthday. I tell him that I am infinitely happy he was born so I like to remember that precious day. 
Abby is old enough now to truly get birthdays. And, to a child, birthdays include parties. Yesterday she asked me who we were inviting to Daddy's party. I told her most adults don't have birthday parties and she was shocked. I mean, what good is a birthday without a party and cake? Speaking of cake, Abby thinks he needs all 38 candles on it. I told her we'd burn the house down. Wink.
So, we'll have cake tonight, handmade by us, and give Daddy his simple gift, which I can't reveal yet, to celebrate the birth of a special man, a man who God uses every day to bless us.
Happy birthday babe.
From March 2007

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