Easter 2014

Days like these are precious to me. Abby woke up and begged us to go downstairs to find out what the Easter Bunny had brought her. After 15 minutes of pleading I realized that there would be no more sleep for this Mommy and we went downstairs. The basket the "Easter Bunny" had put on the coffee table was no longer there. Mommy was confused in her tired state and couldn't figure out what had happened until I saw Daddy's face. His mischievous face. After a few moments of Abby searching the room, he said "When I was little the Easter Bunny left a basket for us on the front porch." She ran to the front door and gasped in delight.

The Easter Bunny brought some fun items this year. A chocolate bunny, a straw cup, a headband, pencils, sparkle crayons, a ladybug magnifying glass, peeps, jellybellies, and a little Lego's friends play pouch. Abby was thrilled.

After all the easter basket excitement, it was time to get ready for church. Here is the adorable Abigail in her Easter outfit. She LOVED it. 

On Easter at our church they have kids older than 3 in the service with their parents. This always proves stressful but honestly, this year wasn't so bad. She loved the music and clapped her little heart out. I will admit that at some point during the sermon/drama scenes I plied her with a drawing program on my cell phone to keep the peace. Ahem. Don't judge me! It works.

Then we came home, with a balloon in tow, to begin lunch/dinner. Oh yum. I have to confess that I didn't once take photos of the cooking process or even the finished meal. What is wrong with me?! We had a close friend over to enjoy the meal with us and then spent the time until Abby's bedtime hanging out by the firepit talking and making smores. 

One word: heaven. I hope your Easter was wonderful as well!

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