End of the School Year

Abby had her last day of Pre-K yesterday. That's just crazy. Do you want to see something even crazier?

Who gave her permission to change this much? Her baby face is disappearing fast! And yes, it says "First Day of Kindergarten" and "Last Day of Pre-K". If you've not been around very long this may be confusing. This post should help clarify things. Obviously, we did decide to put her in Pre-K. I was so worried about it at the time and honestly, it has been a really good decision. Her Pre-K teachers were amazing. She has grown in so many ways and I can tell just how much more she is ready for Kindergarten this coming school year. I can't say this is the right decision for everyone but for us it definitely was.

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Kathleen Mc said...

Ah, what a doll! I can feel my heart ache for you with the changes over the year-- and mine is 12 now!