Mom's Night Out Movie Review

Last week I went to the movies with some of my MOPS pals. We went to see Mom's Night Out. I considered it appropriate although it was a morning out for us. This movie has Sarah Drew and Sean Astin among many other talented actors. The fact that Sean Astin played one of the husbands won me over instantly. I am a Goonie you know but I digress.

The main character is a Mom named Allyson. She wit's end and to me, a very typical mom. Worn out and sort of losing it. I related to her. Of course, I don't ALWAYS feel this way but it was perfect timing for me, honestly. Her husband encourages her to do this Mom's Night Out and from there the movie gets wacky. 

I did have a bit of a hard time making the switch from relating with this mom to watching the insanity of Mom's Night Out unfold. It became less real though hysterical at times. Little did I know that all the hilarity was leading up to real encouragement. 

But there was more encouragement. So much more. I left the movie thinking some powerful thoughts. I am not alone in this craziness. It's okay to be a mess. We are all beautiful messes. God knows exactly what our kids would need and He gives us exactly what we need to do our job.

I have to say that Christian movies are not always looked at fondly but it is a nice change to leave the movie theater feeling inspired.

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