My Vow

I've kept no secrets about the fact that some days my patience is thin. Where I feel like I need to escape. Just for a moment! Honestly, I think it's a normal part of parenting. Still, I strive and pray to be the mom that is there with her child. You know, there. I find myself distracted with trying to be it all but mostly trying to not to have anxiety freak out moments. When she asks me to be there with her in that moment I need to remember that once upon a time, not too long ago, she was this baby.
A little 6 lb 7 oz baby born a month early. A baby that we prayed so desperately for. And now, she is five (and a half) getting ready to go into Kindergarten. A big girl. A big girl with her own thoughts and feelings. Before I know it she will be fifteen and, most likely, not want to play games with her dear old mom. I still hold out hope that it will be different for us but teenagers tend to go their own way.
How many more Saturdays do we have cuddling under the covers? How many more bedtimes do I have to tickle her and read her a billion books? The answer...not nearly enough. So, I am making a commitment that my schedule of daily activities reflects the things I hold dear. God. My family. And, not just internet based activity. Cause this girl...she's growing up fast! And no, she refuses to slow down. Haha, I've tried.

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