Is Physical Health a Spiritual Issue?

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This is a loaded topic. Many people, even believers, will probably balk at what I'm about to say. No harm is meant by it. I am simply trying to reach out to others who, like me, are searching for help.
Weight has always been an issue for me. Well, not when I was a tiny 4 lb 12 oz baby born a month early. But, seemingly ever since I have been struggling with being the pudgy or chunky one. And, into my adult years the overweight and obese one. 

For me, I've always known that weight was not the real issue. The issue is much deeper. Abuse. Eating to shove things down. It became a habit. The habit continued. Instead of dealing with stresses in my life I continued to use food as a way of coping instead of...wait for it...turning to God. So, when I pose the question "Is Physical Health a Spiritual Issue" I am speaking from my heart. From my experience. Honestly, I know I'm not alone. So many people use food, and other things, as crutches instead of simply turning to the One who made us. Maybe we don't believe God exists, that He really loves us, that He cares about our everyday problems. Maybe someone has hurt us or someone we love in the name of religion. Maybe hypocrites have caused you to stumble. Maybe we think we should be able to do this thing called life on our own. There are so many things that can keep us, and I mean all of us, from turning to God. 

The spiritual and the physical have never been connected in my mind. Not until I started doing The Daniel Plan and Celebrate Recovery. Both programs are Saddleback Church ministries and both are excellent tools that God is using to change me. By the way, Celebrate Recovery may be a 12 step program but it's not just for Alcoholics and Drug's for any hurts, habits, or hang ups you might be fighting in your life.
If you are dealing with weight loss or food addiction, I hope you find what you need to change YOUR life.

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