People Are Not Life Preservers

There is something inside me that wants to be friends with everyone. It's more than just being a people pleaser. Honestly, I am trying to break that habit. There is a difference between being a compulsive people pleaser and making friends. 

There are people in my life that I genuinely want to be friends with. People that inspire me. People that make me laugh. It's just...I don't have enough time. There is nothing wrong with me admitting that fact. There isn't even anything wrong with it being true. 

This is not to say that I don't need new friends. What I mean here folks is I can't be best friends with everyone or even super close friends. As much as I'd like to. And, I would. I've put this to the test in a way before I even realized this truth. 

If it were up to me I'd be trying to get to know all these awesome ladies more than I do already. I'd memorize their kids birthdays. I'd know all their phone numbers by heart. (I still know my own number from when I was 13. This crap sticks like glue.) I'd try to plan play dates and girls nights in. It kind of sounds like a stalker situation but it's not. I think. 

While all these woman are great and placed in my life for a reason, that does not mean I should assume I am meant to be close to them like blood sisters. Isn't it enough to spend time with the friends you have? Get to know them even better. Hang out with them. Be acquaintances with lots and good pals with a special few.

There is always room for more good friends. Just not everyone in the world. I need to remember that when I feel the need to grasp onto people like life preservers.

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