We Are Gym Members!

I've been keeping busy over here. A week ago we joined a gym. Not just any gym either, the Y. Best decision. I know everyone has varying opinions on gyms. The reasons we picked the Y are simple...there's a pool, discounted swimming lessons, and no contract. That last one is important. I *hate* contracts. For anything. I hate feeling trapped into something that may not be your cuppa tea after a few months. 
So, I've been going everyday (except for Sunday) and having a blast working out. My favorite piece of equipment? The elliptical. The kind that glides on the metal track. I tried the other kind and it was not for me. I workout about 45 minutes a day and also do arm machines every other day. By the way, can I just point out that I just talked about my favorite piece of workout equipment? I have a favorite because I'm actually exercising regularly now. Wow.
The other day I signed Abby up for swim lessons because she is almost six and has never had them. They start at the beginning of September and she is super excited! She asks me every day if we are going swimming. 

As far as my weight loss goes, I am at just about 36 lbs lost now. It's an awesome feeling!

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Becky Dougherty said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you are doing amazing! The gym we joined doesn't have contracts either. They actually have a variety of plans. We have a month to month membership, but they DO have yearly memberships if you want them. Scott thinks he's only going to go for 6 months so that he can build up his strength, and then go back to doing Insanity at home. I am SO BAD with doing at home work outs! I think the gym is just the thing for me. I think it will be even better when school starts back up again because it will just become part of my daily routine. I want to do 5 days a week and take off the weekend!