Love Note From God

It's the little things that makes me keenly aware of how God watches out for us. I've been needing printer ink and have not bought it yet because it costs an arm and a leg. The other day my friend asked me what kind of ink I use and hands me a cartridge that is exactly what I needed. She just happened to have it leftover from a yard sale. Coincidence? Perhaps. I don't think so. My heart tells me it is a little love note from God. 
There are so many times I have had this happen. Well, not this exactly of course but there will be something that happens that seems too sweet, too perfect. And, in that moment I just know it is not coincidental. I feel the need to add that I do not believe in the very popular prosperity gospel which says that God will reward us with financial prosperity but I do believe that God will take care of us. What a blessing and comfort it is to be able to rest in this truth. Now, the trick is actually letting myself rest in it on a regular basis.

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