My Problems Are Greater Than Yours

There's been something bugging me for a while now. I hear a lot of comparing when it comes to the problems people face - and we ALL have them! I feel like it goes one of two directions. The first is when someone has a sort of pity party for themselves saying "Everyone has such an easy life compared to mine!" I think this view is very sheltered and self-oriented. I get that different people go through different problems but nobody's life is perfect. In fact, we all have seasons in our lives. Some seasons are cake. Some seasons beat the heck out of you.

The second view I see is even more problematic to me. It's the theory that nobody has the right to be upset over a season they are going through. For example, someone tells me I shouldn't have been upset to not being able to conceive a child for so many years because there are people at war in other countries. People dying from diseases. While it's true we could all use a little perspective with our circumstances, I don't think it's okay to dismiss our struggles that easily. 

Real. Read this a few weeks ago and it is so very, very true. The battle may be completely internal for that person, you may not understand it from your point of reference, or it may be something you might not have the chance to know of anyway. Irregardless, everyone is struggling with some issue - no one has it easy. No matter how it may "look."
We all have to play the cards we are dealt. All of us. It's not fair sometimes. It feels like we are being picked on. It feels like people shouldn't complain about their issues because these problems over here are so much worse. Can we stop judging each other? Can we support each other instead? Realize that we all have struggles and they are all hard. No comparisons necessary. 

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