Our Merry Little Christmas

It has been five days since Christmas and this is the first time I've thought to write about it. I guess that's a good thing considering it means I have been actually just enjoying life. We had our first Christmas in our very own new house. It was glorious. It was peaceful. It was happy. 

We almost didn't have a turkey for dinner though. The day before I realized that our turkey had partially frozen while sitting on the bottom shelf of our fridge. What the heck? So, I had to figure out rather quickly how to remedy that without giving us all food poisoning. I put the turkey in the sink with cold water and let it thaw that way. It worked like a charm. 

On Christmas Eve day the girl and I made cookies for Daddy, I mean Santa, and she helped out so much more than ever before. His favorite cookies, Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bakes. Look at her cuteness. 

She had a blast helping me. It's just been recently that I realized she has a lot more potential to help than I've been taking advantage of. It's so easy to see her as too little. But she's not! And, another side note for me...a mess is okay. Ah okay, moving on!

We had yummy homemade chili for dinner, opened our one present each and read The Night Before Christmas. Our one Christmas eve present each is always pajamas but she hasn't caught on yet. ;)

Oh, and of course she left this for Santa. Cookies, milk, and a letter for Santa. Carrots for the reindeer. She went to bed easily as usual. This girl loves her sleep but she also didn't want to have Santa skip our house because she was awake. Haha. I'm going to miss this magical stage.

The next morning she woke a little later than normal because she said she would let us sleep in. This girl, so sweet. She found a note from Santa along with her presents and stocking. It was so nice of Santa to take the time to write her a letter.

In the middle of opening presents I looked over and saw this. It made me smile because our little wiener dogs used to love wrapping paper and opening presents too.

I got an awesome new knife set that we desperately needed. The last one was from when we were married eighteen years ago. Wow! A great cookbook, movie I love, and a book I've been wanting were also given to me.

And, this girl? She got a tablet from her Aunt Stephanie. She's a tad spoiled but in all fairness it was on sale on Black Friday. She loves this thing. Thankfully I found a parent app that makes her stay in certain apps and restricts purchases. 

Then, we played new games. (Not pictured is my hubby.) Hungry Hungry Hippos was a fave! All in all, we had a wonderful Christmas. How was yours?


Becky Dougherty said...

I'm glad you all had a great Christmas! Mine was great, too! :)

Crystal Balzer said...

We do Christmas Eve pjs too! Looks like you had a great Christmas!!!