Christmas Vacation Is Over (Already?)

And, just like that Christmas vacation is over! Where did the time go? Sometimes it seemed to fly by and other days I was longing for her to be back in school. Boy, that child can get cranky. I'm not complaining because I adore her but everyone needs a break from emotional outbursts from time to time. I know I'm not the only one.

By the way, why is it I feel the need to defend myself when I'm getting a tad overwhelmed by being a mom? I know why actually. It's because I wanted to be a mom for so long so I inaccurately assume I should never struggle with it. Guess what? All moms deal with it. There's a reason they came up with the phrase "the struggle is real", it so is!

I hate getting out of my routine though mainly because it takes forever to get back into it. So, getting her to school on time was tricky. We had to go back to the house because somehow I forgot she should be wearing boots today. There's a bunch of snow on the ground and the playground is covered. Yeah, they are outside for recess unless it is below zero with wind chill. I also forgot her mittens. 

Hm. Well, it IS a Monday after all. How is YOUR Monday going so far?  

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Crystal Balzer said...

Our morning went much like yours. We were up on time but left the house late as we were searching for mittens. I thrive on routine, so I was up and ready to go, which was a surprise. I've been lazy the last few weeks so I anticipated oversleeping. The kids are the ones who had a rough go this morning. They had a hard time falling asleep last night so I imagine they will be quite tired this afternoon!!!

Becky Dougherty said...

It IS hard to get back into a routine! I do so much better when I have one, but when I get out, yikes! lol