How I Almost Broke My Daughter aka Having Fun Sledding

As you might remember we had a white Christmas. It literally did not stop snowing that day. So, we decided to go sledding down the water retention basins near our house. It was a momentous occasion. Our six year old's first time sledding. Ever. 
One might ask how it's possible that a six year old has never been sledding. May I remind you that the first half of her life was spent in Arizona? I have no excuse for the second half. No excuse at all. Just that mommy was probably too scared to take her and too cold to want to. Bad, I know.
Dare I say the fun we had on that day more than made up for it? There were so many smiles and giggles from all of us. Here is the proof.

Yes, even the dog went down the hill for a turn. Just one and he was done. And, for the record, it wasn't my idea. But I'm sure you guessed that, right? You will never believe this but even I went down the hill. It may have been the first time since I was twelve but it was a blast. Then, this happened. Look at the sweet aww moment. 

This first time down together went well. A little too well, I might add. It made me sort of cocky. Invincible? Maybe a teeny bit. One of the following trips down with this girl went more like this - slide, turn, tumble, thump, tumble, thump, ow. I think I leaned somehow and we were sort of catapulted off the sled. I rolled over my own child. OVER her. Okay, so nobody was actually hurt. Thank God for the snow! Otherwise, we might not have fared so well. Did I tell you that when we got down to the bottom the first time this sweet girl had the nerve to HIT me with snowballs? Turkey.

All in all, it was a great day though I could have done without the daredevil stunt woman sort of thing I had going on. It was worth it for all the happy memories made that day. And it was a reminder to me as well.

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*Christa* said...

How perfect! My girls have never really been sledding either. They have been pulled in a sled and went down a small hill..but not the same. I am so glad you both had such a blast!

Becky Dougherty said...

How fun., I'm glad you ALL enjoyed your day sledding! :)