Penguins Chill Out Movie Night

Being part of the Fox Home Entertainment Insiders is so much fun. We get to see so many terrific family movies and have movie nights. This time was no different. The movie? Penguins of Madagascar. Have you seen it yet? Those penguins are so clever and cute! This movie night was one of my favorites. Here are all most of the wonderful things we received for our Penguins Chill Out Movie Night.

Included are four Penguins ice cream bowls, a Penguins ice cream scoop, an Ice Cream maker, a Penguins ice cube tray, cups, plates, napkins, and cute little Penguins cupcake toppers. Oh, and let's not forget a Target gift card for other movie night goodies! We also got these adorable plushies to warm up with cuddles. 

Recognize these guys? Well, you would if you have seen the movie! They all talk too so my six year old was enthralled. Okay, maybe I was too. ;) I was also pretty excited for this fun ice cream maker. 

Yes, it's a ball. You put all the ingredients in the cylinder then fill the other end with ice and rock salt. I love knowing what is in the ice cream and being able to customize it for our family. The actual ice cream making process is the fun part!

Play time and ice cream making all in one. Although, my little helper did give up in the middle. That was not nearly as much fun but oh well. Haha. I'm a nice momma so I still let her enjoy the fruits of my effort. Our first batch was made with heavy cream, mini chocolate chips, sugar, and mini marshmallows. Mmm.

We thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream while watching Penguins of Madagascar. We just had to be careful not to snort ice cream out of our noses while laughing. Heehee. And, the cuddles...they are real guys.

Check out Penguins of Madagascar if you haven't already and let me know what you think. Have fun with your own family movie nights. Stay cool.

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