6 Things I Love About My Six Year Old

I hear all the time, and probably have been guilty of saying myself, I can't wait until my child does ______. Or, doesn't do whatever. I tend to always feel the need to be out of the stage I'm in with our daughter. You know what I've come to see? These "stages" are her childhood. I am wishing them away. Before I know it she will be a grown woman. No, that doesn't mean I had to love changing diapers, tantrums in the grocery store, or having my living room ripped apart like a pack of wild wolves has just come through. It does mean that I need to try to remember that these moments will not last forever. I need to enjoy what I can. To enjoy my child while she is still under my roof.

So, here are 6 things I love about my six year old.

1. Her creativity in playing. Gosh, the imagination on this kid is awesome! Messy, at times, but amazing to witness. She loves making things with her legos, playing house, and oh yeah, being Elsa. Let it go, let it go!

2. Her sweet faith in God. She soaks up everything she hears about God and brings it up later which just amazes me. Now, she is starting to actually be open to praying aloud at bedtime where I used to be the one to do it. Also, she says the Lord's Prayer word for word.

3. She makes adorable little books with her own words and pictures. We have one called "The Cat and the Mause" and this new one. How precious is this?


4. She gives the best big, huge squeeze hugs and kisses. I love cuddles with her. She looks forward to cuddles in bed with me in the morning and I look forward to it too.

5. Reading can now go both ways. I love that she can now read me a book. I knew she was getting close to reading before school started but she really has grabbed hold of it. I mean, she can seriously read or sound out almost anything now. The other day she was reading "Now Hiring" at the store. This also means I cannot get away with spelling words I don't want her to understand. It's sort of bittersweet. lol

6. Her dreams of the future. She is always talking about what she wants to do as a grown up or what she will do with her kids when she's a Mommy. I don't know what her future will hold but I pray she holds on to her hopes and dreams.

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