Gluten Is Not My Friend

I'm so mad at myself that I could scream. Why? Well, I'm sitting here with a raging vice grip headache all because I don't listen to myself. I let my taste buds convince my mind that it's okay to have gluten every once in a while. Just eat this bread, this pizza, these cookies - no worries. Clearly it's not. It's not just in my head. 

Why do I discount what I know to be true? Despite knowing that I feel like crap with neck aches and headaches and anxiety - just miserable - when I eat anything with gluten, I just keep doing it. I mean, I will stop eating it and feel better then think, "Ah see, it had nothing to do with that gluten. It was just a headache. I'm sure I don't even have a gluten issue." 

It makes no sense, friends. I can see it clearly when I'm hurting. So, I'm writing it down in case I have the urge to repeat this pattern. This way I'll be able to remember just how I'm feeling right now in the middle of regret and pain.

Gluten is not my friend. Do you hear me Julie? And yes, I'm talking to myself. I'd blame it on the headache but that would be a lie. You know you do it too. Haha. So, is gluten your friend? I promise I won't get jealous if it is. At least, I'll try.

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Ginger said...

I have been Gluten Free since February 2014. I was doing a whole food cleanse that cut dairy, refined sugar, meat, and gluten. I didn't expect anything out of it really....just overall feeling better after a cleanse. My boys OTs and a nutritionist we had seen all suggested cutting gluten for various reasons. But cutting gluten is HARD (it is even harder to cut it from your children's diets!)! Anyway, during those 21 days of the cleanse (after my detox headache on day two) I didn't have another migraine the entire time. This was extremely unusual for me. I was having a major migraine 2-5 times a month or more. When I say major, I mean....I was completely unable to function. I was stuck in bed, unable to move. I could barely open my eyes or even walk. I was unable to drive. I was unable to take care of my boys. I was also starting to get a headache about once every six months or so that would end me in the ER for some sort of injectable narcotic. The first headache like that my husband thought I was having a stroke. My speech was slurred and the right side of my body was totally numb. I wasn't having a stroke. It was a headache...some sort of super migraine. I would get so sick from the super strong medication I would spend two days recovering from that.

I had tried so many things. I had a neurologist. I had various prescription medications. I had beta blockers used by epileptics. Nothing worked. NOTHING. My quality of life was terrible.

When I realized I had been headache free for 21 days I was a bit hopeful...but not much. Gluten is the ONLY thing I didn't add back into my diet after that cleanse. I have had maybe 4 migraines since February 2014 and all of them were successfully treated with OTC medications and none of them rendered me unable to function.

I never worry if I am going to miss something important because a migraine happens. I don't have to take medicines that make me feel bad. I am not spending money at the ER. I am not constantly worrying what is happening to my brain from the intense pain.

I will NEVER go back to gluten. I do not expect anyone to accommodate me. I take my own food to family events and parties. I don't wax poetic to people about the evils of gluten. I don't care what the media says about how gluten sensitivity isn't a real condition. I do not have celiac. I do it for me and my quality of life.

A plus side...I haven't had fried food since February 2014 either since most fried food is battered in flour. I have lost a bit of weight...not as much as I would like....but that doesn't matter either really.

Do I miss gluten foods? matter what there is not a good replacement for hot flour tortillas or a lovely hand tossed pizza crust. But I am not tempted to eat those things because I don't want those headaches back. Most everything else there are good quality replacements for....even if I have to bake the bread or make the treats myself. :)

You can do it! If you need recipes I have a couple of great cookbooks I love and also some favorite mixes that I buy.