Happy Mother's Day

God has blessed me. That sentence encompasses so much. Today I'm referring to Mother's Day. I'm so thankful for my mom. She has loved me for my whole life, obviously, and is an extremely strong person. She's been pouring her heart, everything she has, into this motherhood business - single motherhood - for all these years. I complain when I am feeling slightly overwhelmed as a Mom so I can only imagine how hard it must have been at times for her. I'm thankful that I have a Mom that loves me constantly in the best way she can. So many people can't say the same thing. And now, seeing her as Abby's Memere is so precious to me.

Which brings me to what a blessing it is to be a Mom. Not just any Mom either, her Mom. 

This girl is precious to me. She makes me smile and brings a light to our life that for so long I prayed for. I could cry (and often do) as I think about how long I wanted, waited to be a Mommy. And, here she is. Whether or not we ever have another child, she is a gift from God into our lives. I am so thankful for her. The way she laughs, dances around the living room, or sings. The way she speaks encouragement to me. Just who God has made her to be is amazing and I hope she can see that. 

Abby and I are watching the movie Tangled. We are at the lantern scene and Abby just said, "Who is singing? Well, whoever they are, they have a beautiful voice. Like you Momma!"

 Isn't that sweet? She says things like that often. Her sweetness, intelligence, the joy she brings to those around her, and her faith in God - all make me excited to see the kind of woman God is molding her into.

My prayer for today:

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and to all the Moms out there! You are all blessings and do so much. Even if you aren't told it by anyone else today, you matter and you are loved. And remember, you are never just a mom

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