My Thought Life Could Use An Overhaul

Time for another confession. I think too much. I even think too much about thinking too much. Over analyzing. Judging myself. I am so flipping harsh with my thoughts. If anyone in the world were to say even one of these things to me I would want to slap them but when it's me - I just let it slide. Treat it as fact. But the fact is when it comes to the things that run through my mind I could be considered a Mean Girl. 

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Not only am I my own Mean Girl but I think about situations that haven't occurred yet and probably won't. I attempt to predict the future and how I might react to any situation basically. Do you know how much stress this adds to my day? My thought life could use an overhaul. Are you with me?

So, how do I overhaul my thought life? Here are some ideas. 

Attack it. Question everything you think. Challenge it. It's so easy for me to get caught up in my mind and take everything I think as fact. I need to be active in challenging my own thoughts to see what is real and what is not.

Learn what God says about you. God loves us. He loves us regardless of our shortcomings. As a Christian, I know I am a new creation but that does not necessarily change our thought life. I need to discover by reading the Bible and prayer who I am in Christ.

Stop acting out situations in your brain that haven't happened yet. I struggle with this often. It comes out in a couple different ways. One is based in anxiety, trying to always have the right response to a situation that might happen. The other is more based in negativity by imagining the worst scenario possible happening. It's all about control for me.

Pray and pray again. My day is one big prayer when I'm doing it right. Prayer does not have to be a big prayer at bedtime. That is great but it shouldn't be your whole prayer life. I find the days when my mind consistently turns to God to be the best days I have.

Think on what is true. Easier said than done I realize. I stick to this verse as a sort of mantra. 


I hope these ideas help you as they help me. What kind of thoughts fill your mind? Are they thoughts that help or hurt you?

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