First Day of First Grade

The day we had been counting down to finally happened. This girl is in first grade and doesn't she look excited?

Oh yes, she was floating on a cloud yesterday morning. She patiently let her Momma take a billion photos and then we went off to school. After playing for about fifteen minutes the bell rang. She gave me a huge hug and went right into her line like she's been in first grade for months. The class was about to start walking in and, just to make me miss her even more, she blew me a kiss. 

*Cue heart melting moment.*

It felt so odd to walk off the playground with nobody by my side again. But, I walked away saying a prayer for my sweet, big girl. During the school year I have decided it's important for me to set an alarm to remind me to get the girl from school. Not that I would forget about her but that I tend to lose track of time.

At our school quite a few parents gather on the playground to wait for their kiddos. Last year, being in Kindergarten, we had to wait a few minutes or more until the teachers brought the children out in a line. This year, she is able to come out pretty much immediately. I could tell she was pretty excited about that as well as seeing me.

She told me her favorite part of the day was math and that makes me smile because it is definitely a new development. I can tell she feels quite proud to be in first grade as she keeps telling me things that are different this year. "Did you know we are allowed to have flip top water bottles at their desk?" and "We are allowed to bring lip balm this year!" 

I am looking forward to seeing how her year develops but it is off to the right start. How are your kiddos doing with school so far?

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