To The Moon and Back

I just put my six year old to bed for the last time. In the morning she will be seven. I remember life before her. Barely. We had been married for 11 years, wanting a child so badly. I went through all the stages of...what else can I call it but grief. Each home pregnancy test that was negative nearly broke my heart. I prayed to God. Yelled at God. I even stopped talking to Him at times. Everyone else's pregnancy announcement brought joy and also shot an arrow through me. 

We had joined a bible study group but it was more than a bible study group. It was a family of sorts. A family learning together and praying together. We asked for prayer about fertility treatments. I know I cried many times while sharing my heart. Part of me was afraid to feel hope. The other part was strengthened by the community of believers God had surrounded us with.

So, when we found out we were expecting they were some of the first people that we told. Their continued prayers brought the peace of God to us throughout the pregnancy despite complications at the end.

After her birth it took awhile before I could truly believe she was ours. God had answered our prayers in a great way. Whether we ever have another child, I am thankful and blessed to call this girl my daughter. She is so sweet, loving, and joyous. 

I love her to the moon and back.

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